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    Welcome to Kent's Ice Cream,
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Welcome to the Kent's Ice Cream, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin website. We handmake a popular ice cream product called the BIG BAR and vend them at various events in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Yes, this is still the Kent's Ice Cream that began in Fort Atkinson in 1941.  We still use old fashioned recipes and very high quality ingredients that go against the food industry trend to make things cheaper and cheaper.  Many so-called ice cream products are not up to ice cream standards and many don't even have dairy in them.  In many cases, if the product does contain cream and milk, it is "ultra-high pasteurized" or "UHT" which basically burns all the good stuff out of the milk.  We use HTST pasteurization methods, which helps retain much of the good nutrients found in dairy products. 
We have already posted a tentative 2014 show schedule on the show schedule page.  There are some changes from past years.
We hosted a spring indoor cruise night Wednesday, March 19th
at Salamone's Pizzeria in Fort Atkinson.  While the weather was
not nice enough to bring any old iron, about 150 stir-crazy people
came out for an enjoyable night.  To say folks are 'revved' up for
the cruise night season to start is an understatement! 



Above is our latest crazy venture.  Our building is a rather bland, vinyl sided old place, but has a lot of traffic go by.  So, what started as putting up a 1934 Gulf gas station sign on a post has become an obsession to cover the visible portions of our building with old advertising signs to give it a little more appeal (at least to us anyway).  There are signs for gas & oil, auto, tractors & implements, soda, seed and construction equipment included.  A few years ago, this form of art would have been frowned upon, but advertising signage has become mainstream enough for many to appreciate the history involved with them.  We keep an eye open for old, beat up signs to add to the building at all the events we attend.
This is the building we hand make each big bar.  It also doubles as our place of residence.  It is a throwback to the days when many family owned businesses were also where these folks lived.  There are still several businesses in our town doing the same thing.  Not only is this the main reason we have been able to keep an old business alive, but the hours spent working during our season make it necessary to have our living quarters right up on top of the production area. 



The above photo was taken at the June 2013 Fort Atkinson Cruise Night where we had 402 classic cars and trucks help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cruise nights.  That night was a great example of our motto noting it is not about the cars, it's about the people.  We saw smiles on everyone's faces and a huge spectator crowd came out to check out the rides and visit with the owners.  It was a very fun year.
Kent's Ice Cream, Inc.
916 Madison Avenue
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538


Above shows Lauren, a good friend, who has helped us at some events and loves the bars.  She decided to put a big bar bumper sticker on her car - we could not resist posting it here.  Thanks Lauren!


Here's an enterprising young man hauling parts at the Jefferson Swap Meet in September.



The above picture may look somewhat familiar to regular Jefferson Swap Meet attendees.  It is our big trailer sitting out in the white field in the northern part of the Jefferson Fair Park, just waiting for the show to start.  It will not be long before we take that big old trailer out to get ready for another Spring Jefferson, April 25-27!  We cannot wait to get the old car season started!



Spring Jefferson Show & Swap Meet