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BIG BAR History & Information


Above is our 1953 Chevrolet Step Van with our 1972, 3-door Suburban. In May 2013, we broke the crank in the step van's original 235 6-cylinder on our way back from Ryan's Car Show in Lake Mills.  Fortunately, we have friends in all the right places.  The Poeppels sold us an old 261 Chevy six that bolts right up in our old step van.  Rich Bickle Sr rebuilt it for us and Pete Seitz installed it.  We have more power and still use the old original 4-speed.  The Suburban has a 350 V-8 and automatic transmission.  The step van has a Grumman-Olsen all-aluminum body.   Our 1961 International Harvester 1-ton freezer truck is shown below. It is a factory IH color of Gulf Green with a 304 V8 and a three speed.



Kent's Ice Cream was founded in 1941 as a retail ice cream store. Kent's quickly earned a reputation for producing high quality ice cream. For many years, it was the main gathering place for an evening treat in Fort Atkinson. Although we do not have a retail store anymore, we still produce our own ice cream and concentrate on an established event circuit.

"BIG BAR" has a very loyal following at car shows, swap meets, threshing events and antique shows.

"BIG BAR" is available in 8 terrific flavors:

* Vanilla ice cream, Toffee (caramel flavored) ice cream and a smooth Mint ice cream. All three are hand-dipped in chocolate and nuts.
*Without nuts, we also have 3 flavors:  Vanilla, Mint and Peanut Butter.
*Vanilla non-fat yogurt hand-dipped in chocolate & nuts.

*Grape Sorbet bar.

      BIG BAR, LLC is a licensed Wisconsin dairy plant. We are licensed and insured properly to vend our products.



The upper photo in the above picture was given to us by Kent Vasby. The original owner, Oscar Vasby, named the business after his son, Kent in 1941. The old picture was taken in the late 1940's of the original Kent's Ice Cream parlor in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Our ice cream bars are still homemade just down the same street from the original location. Note the 40's Pontiac in front of the building.

The lower photo in the above picture was given to us by Pat Olson. Her parents owned our existing plant as an A&W Root Beer & Ice Cream stand in the mid-1950's. The picture was taken before 1958 and there have been many changes to the building since.

Between the original building and the current location, it is easy to see the strong heritage BIG BAR carries on.