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    Welcome to Kent's Ice Cream,
       Home of the BIG BAR


Welcome to the Kent's Ice Cream, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin website. We handmake a popular ice cream product called the BIG BAR and vend them at various events mainly in Wisconsin. Yes, this is still the Kent's Ice Cream that began in Fort Atkinson in 1941.  We still use old fashioned recipes and very high quality ingredients.  Not much tastes like it used to 30 years ago - except a BIG BAR! 

   Some of you may have noticed we have the Big Bar business for sale.  Although we still love what we do, it is time to find the next caretakers for this business.   
When we found out at Fall Jefferson 1999 that the original Big Bar owners wanted to retire, we knew nothing about how they were made, how they were marketed or even where they were made.  We met with the owners and found out we would have to leave our beloved UP home and sell our collector cars if we wanted to be the next generation to keep the Big Bar tradition going.  The business came with a building that was (and still is) a registered dairy plant and doubled as the owners home with a large apartment above the production area (it has been our home for all these years as well).  It was a difficult move for us, but we were 'all in' and looked forward to a new, exciting adventure - and that is exactly what we have experienced in the years we have owned Kent's Ice Cream.  As we enter our 20th year owning Kent's Ice Cream, we would not change a thing!



The above photo was taken less than 2 weeks before the Spring Jefferson Swap Meet.  If the old 'binder' could talk, it would be telling us this was the first time it has seen snow.  We bought the old International Harvester almost 15 years ago from Oklahoma where it spent its first 4 decades on Tinker Air Force Base.  When we brought the '61 IH home from storage just a couple days earlier, we certainly did not think it and the '53 step van in the background would be caught in a snow storm.



Here is a group of regular big bar customers having a great time at the Jefferson Swap Meet!


Above is a photo taken of the September 2017 Jones Park cruise night where the bulk of the classics parked on the ball field.  They looked great under the lights!  Excellent weather was on hand that evening for a packed house!  More photos are on the cruise night page.


The above photo was taken of a great group of car guys and gals that stopped at the Big Bar factory on their way to the Dells show in May 2015.  Thanks to Mark & Jackie for putting it together for their group.  They all got a quick tour (sorry, we were not in production that day) and, of course, their favorite big bar!  We know this is an old photo, but it is a favorite of ours and we see many of these folks at a lot of shows.
Kent's Ice Cream, Inc.
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Updated: 12-05-2018


Above shows Lauren, a good friend, who has helped us at some events and loves the bars.  She decided to put a big bar bumper sticker on her car - we could not resist posting it here.  Thanks Lauren!


Here's an enterprising young man, Vinny, hauling parts at a past Jefferson Swap Meet in September.  Note the date on the photo.   Sorry this photo has been here so long, but it is one of our personal favorites from all the years we have been doing this and, sad to report, Vinny passed within the last couple years.  Vinny's family and friends enjoys seeing this photo too.



The above picture was taken at the Iola Car Show & Swap meet almost 15 years ago - still a favorite of ours.  We enjoyed the Iola event again this year!  It was a hot weekend, but it seems the whole summer has been that way this year.
The Spring Jefferson Swap Meet had great crowds all weekend despite a very cold wind most of the event.  Thanks for all the die-hards who braved the cold temperatures and wind to get their first big bar of the season.  Below is a photo some friends sent as they were leaving Jefferson to enjoy a big bar on the way home.  Fall Jefferson felt as cold as a spring Jefferson this year.  Weather can be tricky to deal with, but thanks to all who braved the cold and wind to enjoy one of the last and best car events of the season.